Compensation Upgrade: Rank Advancement Now Easier & More Rewarding

Following on the recently announced 2-Level Mentor CAB and the 2x & 3x Increase of Community Solar CABs, we have another compensation upgrade to share that will make advancing in rank even easier. View Updated Think+ Compensation Plan.

Read on below to learn about this exciting compensation upgrade.

Electricity Band 0 Customers Now = 1 PC/TC Point

Effective immediately, Electricity Band 0 Customers will count as 1 Personal Customer (PC) / Team Customer (TC) Point. 

Electricity Band 0  includes accounts that have annual electricity usage < 3,600 kWh. While there are no commissions paid on Band 0 customers, with this new upgrade, even small usage accounts can still contribute to your rank advancement, receiving rank advancement bonuses and unlocking higher commissions. 

PC/TC Requirements for Rank Advancement &  Promotion Bonuses 

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