What are LMI benefits and what do they have to do with community solar?
LMI benefits consist of programs and resources designed to help individuals and families who fall within specific income limits. They can include housing, food, or financial assistance. 

Some states have created incentive programs to provide funding for community solar projects that subscribe low-income customers. Other states even require a certain percentage of a community solar project to specifically serve low-income subscribers or low-income-serving organizations.  If a customer provides proof of LMI documentation for one of these programs, they may be eligible for additional discounts on community solar. 

How do I know if my customers are eligible for these benefits?
Specific LMI benefits and eligibility requirements can vary significantly between states and even within counties or cities. Below is a running list of our markets and their applicable programs.

Is there a list of eligible programs?
There sure is. Eligibility differs from market to market, so we've include the specific programs in each state here.

How do customers submit their LMI documentation?
The fastest and easiest way to submit LMI documentation is through the form capture field during enrollment. If qualified customers are unable to provide their documentation at that time, they can at anytime during their enrollment through this form or by emailing nosolar@thinkcommunitysolar.com. Once we receive their submission, we'll either update their accounts or request more information -- a process that takes 2-3 business days. 

Do I get compensated differently for LMI customers?
Yes. Please review the Think+ Compensation Plan for details on how LMI customers can affect your business. 

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