In celebration of the Holiday season, We’re Empowering You to Share the Gift of Savings!

Double Points for Think Community Solar Customers Enrolled in December

Think Community Solar customers enrolled between December 1st – 31st will generate double customer points!

Customer points contribute to your Personal Customer (PC) / Team Customer (TC) count, and determine your leadership rank.  Taking advantage of this promotion can significantly boost your progress to earning your next rank promotion and Rank Advancement Bonuses ranging from $100 – $50,000!

Available Think Community Solar Markets

This promotion is available in all Think Community Solar markets except for Versant in Maine where Think Community Solar customers are already worth 3 customer points with our Maine Community Solar Promotion.

  – Maine (Excluding Versant)

  – New York

  – New Jersey

Now Easier to Qualify for 2024 Leadership Summit to Kauai, Hawaii

Customer points also help you qualify for the 2024 Leadership Summit to Kauai, Hawaii.  

With this promotion, a NJ, NY or ME customer is potentially worth a total of 3 customer points:

  • 2 Points for Community Solar
  • 1 Point for Electricity

There are many ways to qualify and to boost your chances even further, we’ve decided to expand our Top 2 Openline Director qualification category to now include the Top 5 Directors!

This exciting upgrade was announced on a special update call featuring SVP, Brad Tayles. Watch the replay below for the promotion announcement and a summary of Leadership Summit Qualification Details.

Let’s Make the Most of this Holiday Season!

Spread the word, bring in the cheer, and let’s end the year on a high note with sharing sustainable energy and enjoying the rewarding benefits.

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