As recently announced on the April State of the Company Address, we have updated our Energy Advisor Certification Training to include certification for in-person marketing.

With this update, beginning today, April 28, 2023, Energy Advisors completing certification will automatically be certified for in-person marketing activities.   

For the majority of Energy Advisors who have already completed certification, we have created a separate course specifically for in-person marketing certification so you can complete it without having to retake the entirety of the certification training. You will receive a welcome email today providing access to this course which includes the In-Person Marketing Guide and a short quiz covering the rules and requirements for each state as their rules for in-person marketing are different. The guide is also available in the Web Office > Documents & Media > In-Person Marketing section.  

If you plan on marketing Think Energy in-person, it is required that you complete this additional course before doing so. Marketing Think Energy in-person before completing this certification is prohibited. If you are not planning on conducting any in-person marketing than it is not required.  

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