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Leadership Q&A with Mayer Leonorovitz

Leadership Q&As are a series in which selected members of the Think+ community take a few moments to reflect on their experiences, offer advice to their fellow Energy Advisors, and look toward the future of Think+.

These insights from Regional Director Mayer Leonorovitz were provided during a conversation in June 2024.

What initially drew you to Think+?
ML: Well, I remembered the great time we had at Viridian and got the phone call from Sadri that Michael is doing it again but much bigger. I didn't need any more details than that.

How has being an Energy Advisor impacted your life?
ML: There are no words to describe how many people I can help reach their dreams and financial goals.

What are some of the biggest motivators that keep you pushing forward?
ML: The Kenny brothers, Big John Sadri, and nothing more than Bella & Nick Werzberger.

How do you empower and support your downline to succeed as Energy Advisors?
ML: In every way possible as long as the person is listening and willing to learn.

What are your biggest goals for your business moving forward?
ML: Helping as many people as I can to reach Partner and above.

When you think back about your expectations when you just started, what about Think+ has surprised you the most?
ML: That I got lucky to have Bella & Nick Werzberger on my team, and because of them, I am reaching this rank.

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