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Limited Time: Rank Up Quicker Through Community Solar

We’re betting big on Community Solar.  

That’s why, for a limited time, you can earn extra points toward Rank advancement when you enroll certain Community Solar customers. This is a great way to build your personal Think+ business while also matching customers with sustainable energy sources through the solar projects we’re teaming with. Everyone benefits.  

Here are the details:  

Promotion Period: February 1-February 29, 2024  

Which customers qualify?  

New York Utilities:

  • LMI accounts will be 2 points
  • Non-LMI accounts will be 1 point

Maine Utilties:

  • CMP will be 2 points
  • Versant will be 4 points

New Jersey Utilities:

  • JCPL LMI accounts will be 4 points
  • PSEG & ACE LMI accounts will be 3 points
  • All Non-LMI accounts will be 2 points

Maryland Utilities:

  • LMI accounts will be 3 points
  • Non-LMI accounts will be 2 points


  • Think+ reserves the right to disqualify Community Solar customers who are moved to Active status after being allocated to a solar project, and do not pay their monthly bill(s) in full and on time.
  • Points earned in the February and March Rank Up promotion for Community Solar will not match or equate to the points allocated or available to earn within the 2024 Incentive Trip “Points for Personally Enrolled Customers.”  
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