For the customers who only care about rate.  

We've introduced a new pilot offer in LP&L: Think Basic, our low-price offer, created in response to customers who are focused on securing the lowest possible rate and are not interested in the added benefits of other Think Energy offers. 

There are a few key differences between Think Basic and our other products that will affect how it’s presented to customers and how you and your teams are compensated. Here’s what you need to know:  

 What is Think Basic?
Think Basic is a new electricity offer aimed directly at price shoppers or prospective customers who are more concerned with overall cost than other added benefits. Think Basic will have the same features as Think Simple, with a few of key differences:  

  • Customers will not be eligible for a $100 cash gift card.  
  • While our Think Clean and Think Simple offers are typically set for a minimum of 30 days, the price and contract term of the Think Basic product is likely to change frequently.  

How does Think Basic compare to Think Simple?  

The Think Basic and Think Simple products are similar, with a few important differences: Think Simple customers are eligible for a $100 cash gift card and protects customers against rising electricity prices with longer-term rates. Think Basic does not include the $100 cash gift card an will be offered at shorter term lengths.  

This is a complementary product. We want to arm you with the tools needed to approach all customers, and don’t want you to lose those who are solely focused on rates. 

How will I be commissioned for enrolling Think Basic customers?
Given that Think Basic is our low-price product, we cannot offer full commission on customers who enroll in it.  A customer enrolled on a Think Basic product will: 

  • Count as a Personal Customer and/or Team Customer for Rank Advancement. 
  • Pay a Customer Acquisition Bonus and Team Customer Acquisition Bonuses (including the 2-Level Mentor Bonus, Rank Infinity Bonus, Coded Infinity Bonus and Partner Pool Bonus). 
  • Not pay Residuals Commissions or Team Residual Commissions (including Level Commissions, Rank Infinity Commissions, Coded Infinity Commissions and Partner Pool Commissions). 

 Given the Think Basic product does not pay full commissions, it will be the last offer displayed when a customer enters a zip code on your replicated homesite to view our available offers.  

What if a customer who transitions on to (or off of) Think Basic? Does that affect my commissions?  

Yes, customers switching on to (or off of) Think Basic will impact your commissions.     

 If a customer switches from Think Basic to another Think Energy electricity plan, you and your team will be eligible for Residual Commissions and Team Residual Commissions on that customer.  

 The opposite is also true: If a customer switches to Think Basic from another Think Energy electricity plan, you and your team will no longer be eligible for Residual Commissions and Team Residual Commissions on that customer.   

 Can I add Think Basic to my own marketing materials?  

You can educate consumers about the Think Basic product, but you are prohibited from publishing the rate or term length on your personal marketing materials – including social media – as each will change frequently. The current rate and term length of Think Basic will only be available on Think Energy web properties, so you can refer customers to the cart of your replicated homesite where the product will be listed.  

 Where is Think Basic available?  

Think Basic is currently only available to customers in Connecticut and LP&L in Texas, but we plan to offer it in other markets soon. 

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