Product Brochures  

To help you share the benefits of Think Energy, we have two Think Energy Product Brochures available in your Web Office. These sharing tools cover all the benefits of Think Energy’s Clean Energy and the Free Energy Club. They can also be customized to provide your personal website URL’s. Stay tuned for more exciting sharing tools coming soon.  

Maine Customer Flyer 

A new Maine Customer Flyer is now available to you in your Web Office. This tool can be customized with your personal contact and website information and is a great new way to share the benefits of Think Energy electricity service as well as Think Community Solar in Maine.  


 You can download the flyer, add your personal contact and website info, and then get it printed at your local printer. We will also soon have this and other printable sharing tools available for purchase on our new Think+ Shop. 

 Our new Think+ Shop is now officially available for all Energy Advisors at 

Available now:  

– ID Badges 
– Business Cards  
– Apparel  
– Hats 

This is just the beginning of our Think+ Shop. Over the coming months, we’ll be adding more apparel and tools to help you to be a (hip) and successful Energy Advisor. Check out the new and let us know what you think!  

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