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Your July 2024 Promotions

What are the best ways to grow your Think+ businesses this month? Let's dive right in:

Welcome to Bat Flips & Bonuses, Illinois! In addition to extending the Massachusetts/Maine and Maryland/D.C. promotion periods, we're throwing Illinois into the mix. Bat Flips & Bonuses gives you the chance to earn $100 bonuses and to catch a ballgame with Think+. 

That’s $100 cash for each community solar customer enrolled in Maryland+Washington, DC, Maine+Massachusetts, and Illinois. The math: $100 Bonuses + $80 CABs = $180 Per Community Solar Enrollment. 

Read the rules here.

*NOTE: A one-time bonus payment will be processed on September 13 via the standard weekly commission payment process.
**NOTE: Customers must reach “Pending” status by August 31 to qualify for bonuses. 


Double Power Surge is back in July, which means another month of twice the Electric Points, CABs for Enroller, and CABs for Mentor Bonuses. 

Here are the key details:
  • Customers must reach Pending status by Friday, 8/2.
  • Final payment will be made Friday, 8/9.
  • FEC Customers will receive double points, while Band 0 customers will not count for Personal Customer and Team Customer points.
  • Neither FEC nor Band 0 customers will receive double Sponsor and Mentor payments.

We just can't quit you, New Jersey Bonus Blitz.

Similar to Bat Flips & Bonuses, we’re awarding an additional $100 cash for each community solar customer enrolled who reaches “Pending” status within the specified promotion area and dates: $100 Bonuses + $80 CABs = $180 Per Think Community Solar Enrollment.

Capacity in JCPL is available, and a priority to allocate more than a thousand Think Community Solar customers in these zip codes, so read the official rules here and get to work in New Jersey.

*NOTE: A one-time bonus payment will be made via the standard weekly commission payment process.

More details will emerge on our Spring 2025 Leadership Trip soon enough, but you can trust us when we tell you that it'll be the place to be. We're kicking off the promotion period with three ways to earn your spot. Here they are:

Method 1: Level Up

This Method is dedicated to the Rank advancers: EAs who advance to Regional Director or above, and Regional Director or Senior Director who climb at least one rank during the promotion period. Partners and above automatically qualify.

Method 2: Next Wave of EAs

This one is for the wunderkinds: New EAs who join Think+ within the promotion period and rank advance to Director by the end of the year.

Method 3: Trip Match for Mentors

It takes a village. This is an option for EAs who don't earn the trip through Methods 1 or 2, but who sponsor a fast-rising EA. 

  • They’ve joined Think+ prior to July 1, 2024, and are a Director or above by December 31, 2024.
  • They personally enroll at least one new EA after July 1, 2024.
  • That personally sponsored EA or a downline EA within that leg A) is enrolled after July 1, 2024 and B) reaches Director or above within the promotion period.

Some Fine Print:

  • Trip Match winner has to be a Paid As Rank of Director at 12/31.
  • To qualify, EAs must be in Active status and in good standing at the end of the qualification period.  
  • Each EA can only win once: If an EA qualifies for the Incentive Trip through Method 1, 2, or 3, they will not be eligible to win an additional place on the trip through one of the other three methods. 
  • If an EA is unable to attend the trip, the trip is forfeited. Trips cannot be gifted, nor carried over to the next trip, for all possible Methods.   
  • Please note that trips won in this incentive program may be considered taxable income by the IRS. We recommend consulting with a tax advisor for your individual circumstances.  
  • Electric & Community Solar Accounts must be in pending status by 12/31 in order to be included in the promotion
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