We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Think Energy’s community solar service; beginning this March, in Maine & New York. 

Think Energy’s community solar service enables individuals and businesses to benefit from a shared solar power system in their community.  The customer value proposition from community solar is simple and rewarding – customers will receive a 5-10% discount on solar bill credits received, creating saving on their electricity bill for the next 20 years through a free state program with no long-term commitment or termination fees.  Customer enrollment takes less than three-minutes and your customers can feel good about supporting clean electricity and job creation in their local communities.   

The launch of our community solar service will begin later this month and we will be making an official announcement as soon as it becomes available. This is another big step in Think Energy’s mission to make clean energy simple, easy and affordable for everyone. 

Community solar programs vary from state to state based on factors such as availability of solar projects and the details of each state’s program including how customers are billed and the maturity of the program.    

New York Benefits 

  • 5% Discount 
  • Typically offsetting 50-80% of annual electricity bill 
  • Utility Consolidated Billing: Customers receive the same bill from their utility showing the community solar discount. 

Maine Benefits 

  • 10% Discount 
  • Typically offsetting about 90% of an annual electricity bill 
  • Dual Billing: Credit Card Required 
  • In Dual Billing markets, the Customers will provide a Credit Card and receive a separate bill from Think Energy. 
  • Each month after the solar farm goes live, a community solar customer’s monthly electric bill will show a line item for solar bill credits reducing what they owe to the utility that month.  Shortly thereafter Think Energy will process an automatic payment (credit card on file) for the value of the bill credits minus their contracted discount.   
  • For example, 
  • 10% discount on bill credits 
  • $100 in bill credits reflected on your last utility bill 
  • $90 transaction with Think Energy, saving you $10 or 10%.  
  • This value continues for up to 20 years to ensure a long term continued savings while supporting the development of local renewable energy. 

In both states, a customer subscription can follow a customer if they move to a new home or apartment within the same utility service territory.  This creates a 20-year savings opportunity for each customer that chooses to support our renewable energy projects!    

Community Solar Compensation 

The Think+ Compensation Plan has been updated to reflect the upcoming community solar launch. You’ll notice that to accommodate markets like New York, a second tier of community solar compensation has been added. Having multiple tiers of community solar compensation enables us to enter as many markets as possible while accommodating the varying levels of financial incentives available in that market. 


Community Solar Training: March 11, 2023 

To help you make the most of this exciting new offering of Think Energy, we will be hosting a Community Solar Training featuring our Vice President of Community Solar, Stephen Condon. This will be part of a larger virtual training event planned for Saturday, March 11th from 10am – 12pm EST. Stay tuned for the announcement of more details for this upcoming training event and get ready to take advantage of this new offering of Think Energy. 


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