Think Community Solar Now Even More Rewarding With Compensation Upgrade 

The launch of Think Community Solar service began in March of 2023 and is already a tremendous success.  In our efforts to make Think Community Solar as rewarding as possible, we’re excited to announce a significant compensation upgrade detailed below. 

This upgrade is another big step in Think Energy’s mission to make clean energy simple, easy and affordable for everyone. 

Compensation Upgrade Details

As recently announced during the Texas Launch Event, we are upgrading the compensation Energy Advisors receive for Think Community Solar customers!

Previously, the Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CABs) were paid to the Sponsor when that customer received the status of “Pending”, while the Infinity & Coded payments to the uplines, were held until customers were allocated to solar farm and switched to “Active” status.  The update to “Active” status could take months, due to the time it can take for allocation to a community solar farm, thus delaying those payouts for a signification time. 

Think Community Solar Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CABs) will now be paid to the Sponsor and Upline on “Pending” Status. 

We’re always looking for ways to make Think+ more rewarding so we’ve updated this policy to now pay CABs to the Sponsor and to the Upline on “Pending” status. This change results in full commissions being paid significantly faster than before and we’re looking forward to implementing this change starting with the Friday, August 5th payment cycle. So, the previously held Team CABs for Think Community Solar customers will be paid out in full, retroactively and going forward starting August 5th.   

Updated Think Community Solar Statuses

Starting Saturday, July 29th, we are implementing the following updated statuses for Think Community Solar customers. As part of this update, you may notice that accounts, after enrollment, will remain in a Pre-Verify status slightly longer while we verify the eligibility of the customers.   This helps us, and you, ensure we have accurate enrollments.  The process for Community Solar will be very similar to that of the electric enrollments going forward. 

You may also start seeing accounts with the “Fail Pre-Verify” status in your Personal Customer Report (PCR). If you see “Fail Pre-Verify” going forward for Community Solar, it will be for one of the following four reasons:

Reasons for Fail Pre-Verify Status:
    • Invalid Rate Class
    • Usage Below Minimum Threshold
    • Unable to Verify Account Info
    • Utility Account Blocked
Invalid Rate Class
  • Rate classes are different categories the utilities use to identify various types of customers. Think Community Solar is only available for residential customers so commercial accounts with a commercial rate class will not be eligible and will result in the following rejection reason:
    • Rejection Reason: Unable to enroll, invalid rate class
Usage Below Minimum Threshold
  • In some states, there is a minimum energy usage threshold that an account must surpass to be eligible for Think Community Solar. In New York, that minimum annual usage threshold is 1000kWh/year. Accounts that have less than this threshold are not eligible for Think Community Solar. These accounts will not be enrolled nor will they generate any commissions or customer points. These accounts will result in the following rejection reason:
    • Rejection Reason: Unable to enroll, annual utilization below minimum threshold
    • Recommended Action: No action necessary as this type of account is ineligible for Think Community Solar
Unable to Verify Account Info
  • In order to verify and validate the eligibility of an account, the utility must first identify the account being enrolled with the information submitted to Think Community Solar by the customer. If there is a discrepancy between the account information provided and the information held by the utility, the utility may not be able to identify the correct account and it will result in the following rejection reason:
    • Rejection Reason: Error, send bill to
Utility Account is Blocked
  • Sometimes the utility or the customer will have a block on their utility account that prevents Think Community Solar from accessing their account usage and rate class information. This will result in the following rejection reason:
    • Rejection Reason: Blocked, send bill to
    • Recommended action: These can often be resolved by the customer sending in a copy of their bill so Think Community Solar can obtain account usage and rate class information necessary to enroll the account if eligible.

With these additional statuses provided in your Personal Customer Report (PCR), you are now able to identify Think Community Solar customers that are not eligible or those that require additional steps to complete their enrollment process.

Process for Fail Pre-Verify Accounts

When an account has a “Fail Pre-Verify” status, the following sequence will be initiated to inform the customer and the sponsoring Energy Advisor with instructions to complete the enrollment if possible.

  1. The customer will receive an email with details of why the account could not be enrolled
  2. EA that enrolled the customer will also receive an email
  3. If it is possible to resolve the issue and complete the enrollment, instructions will be provided. For example, customer may have to complete a form and submit a copy of their bill.
  4. Customer Support will also proactively reach out to the customer if a bill has not been received.

These steps are taken to make every effort possible to assist in the process of enrolling Think Community Solar customers. As an Energy Advisor, you can assist in this process and support the customer as they complete the necessary steps to resolve the reason for the “Fail Pre-Verify” status.

New Community Solar Band 0 For Low Usage Accounts

In our efforts to make Think Community Solar available to as many customers as possible, we are introducing a new Band 0 for Community Solar accounts, which allows us to enroll and maintain Community Solar accounts that are between 1000 – 3600kWh/year.  Similar to the lower utilization electricity accounts, you will see them in your Personal Customer Report (PCR).

Community Solar Band 0 accounts will not pay CABs nor are they eligible to pay Monthly Residuals.  However, you will be able to use their point value for rank advancement and on-going rank qualification.   This change goes into effect for all new enrollments on or after Saturday, July 29, 2023.

We’re looking forward to implementing this upgrade to Think Community Solar compensation. As with all changes, please contact Energy Advisor Support with any questions:

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