Compensation Upgrade: 100% of Your Personal Customers Now Count Toward Rank Advancement

Following on the recently announced 2-Level Mentor CAB and the 2x & 3x Increase of Community Solar CABs, we have yet another compensation upgrade to share that will make your efforts with Think+ even more rewarding! 

Your Personal Customers (PC) are considered one line of your team and have therefore been subject to the Maximum Line Contribution Requirement that states that a maximum of 40% of your Team Customer qualification can come from one line in your team. 

Effective immediately, Personal Customers are no longer subject to the Maximum Line Contribution Requirement. This means that 100% of your PC will now count toward your rank advancement. 

For example, 

  • Enroll 50 Personal Customers that are rank-qualified, you would earn a promotion to Regional Energy Advisor. 
  • Enroll 250 Personal Customers that are rank qualified, you would earn a promotion to Senior Energy Advisor.
  • Etc. 

Updates to Rank Information Widget on Web Office Homepage

The Rank Information Widget in your Web Office is designed to show what remaining requirements are necessary to advance in rank. With this recent change, the Rank Information Widget requires updating so will be temporarily unavailable. 


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