Your Think+ business is now more rewarding than ever before! We’re thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to the Think+ Compensation Plan with the addition of a new 2-Level Mentor Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB).  

The 2-Level Mentor CAB rewards you with a one-time bonus on every new CAB Qualified Electricity or Community Solar customer acquired by your personally enrolled EA’s (Level 1) and their personally enrolled EA’s (Level 2).

This upgrade provides you even more rewards for enrolling new EAs and mentoring them to success by helping them refer customers. The more customers your personally sponsored EA’s and their sponsored EA’s enroll, the more 2- Level Mentor CABs you will earn. The best part is the 2- Level Mentor CAB is always available as there are no time-limits on when these bonuses can be earned.  

Any customer enrolled on or after September 1st is eligible to trigger the 2-level Mentor CABs.   Eligibility is based on the customer triggering a CAB for their sponsor and all other compensation rules apply, meaning the mentors must be Active and in good standing to receive the payments. 

To accommodate this significant increase in compensation, a variety of Coded and Infinity commissions have been reduced. These reductions (outlined in “CAB Change Details section below) will be programmed and completed in the coming months. As an added bonus, until these reductions are completed, the company is paying out an additional 28% in CAB commissions per week! 

A summary of all the adjustments are outlined below and can also be viewed in the updated Think+ Compensation Plan. 

2024 Leadership Summit: Kauai, Hawaii – Top Mentors Promotion 

To celebrate this exciting new upgrade, we’re offering several additional pathways to earn a place on the upcoming 2024 Leadership Summit to Kauai, Hawaii! The Energy Advisor who earns the most in 2-Level Mentor CAB points in the promotion period, will earn a trip for two on the 2024 Leadership Summit. And we’ll be awarding two more trips for two, through a raffle!  

The winners will be announced on the State of the Company Address on December 11th. Check out the promotion details below to get ready to enroll new Energy Advisors and mentor them to success! 

Promotion Details – Two Ways to Win 

Promotion Period: September 1st – October 31st, 2023 

Earn the Most Points:  
  • Whoever has earned the most points from the new 2-Level Mentor CAB from EAs and customers enrolled in the promotion period, will receive a trip for two.
  • Points are awarded as follows: 
    • Level 1 Bonus ($10 / $30) =  2 Points 
    • Level 2 Bonus ($5 / $15)    =  1 Point
Win the Raffle:
  • Two EAs will be selected through a raffle and each receive a trip for two.
  • Each point you receive will provide a raffle entry and increase your chances to win.
  • Personally sponsor 5 EAs in the promotion period who all enroll at least 1 customer, your total points are doubled.


To be eligible for the promotion:

  • Enroll a at least one new EA(s) from 9/1/2023 thru 10/31/2023, and 
  • Customers acquired by those new EAs will count towards the promotions above per the customer qualifications outline below. 
  • All EAs enrolled during the promotion period will have a minimum of 30 days from their join date to also acquire EA’s and customers
    • Examples:
      • You enroll a new EA on September 1st, they have until October 31st to enroll EAs and customers to count toward earning the promotion
      • You enroll a new EA on October 30th, they will have until November 30th to enroll new EA’s and customers to generate points towards you earning the promotion. They would not be eligible themselves, unless they enroll an EA on or before October 31st.
      • You enroll a new EA on November 2nd. They are not eligible to participate and would not generate any points.

To be eligible to count toward the promotion, customers must meet the following qualifications: 

  • Enrolled from 9/1/2023 – midnight of 11/30/2023 
  • Rank Qualified (Pending or Active Status) by 12/7/2023 
  • CAB Qualified: 
    • Eligible Customers must trigger a CAB : 
      • Electricity – Bands 1, 2 & 3 
      • Community Solar – Tiers 1 & 2 
    • Ineligible Customers: 
      • Electricity – Band 0  
      • Community Solar – Tier 0 
      • Free Energy Club Customers 
      • Current Customers or Customers who have previously received service from Think Energy or Think Community Solar in the last 12 months.   

Note: The Top Mentor Promotion is not available for property management companies and/or companies soliciting their current customer base to acquire customers.  

  • Think+ reserves the right to investigate any and all winner’s point accumulations to determine their authenticity and the process used to acquire such customers.  
  • Think+ limits the amount of customers that can count towards this promotion to a maximum of 25 customers for each new EA. 
  • Current Regional Directors who have already earned the Leadership Summit are not eligible to earn this promotion. If the winner of this promotion advances to Regional Director within the promotion period they would not earn an additional place on the trip. but rather the trip would be awarded to the first runner up. 

Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB) Change Details 

The following Electric & Tier 2 (NY) Rank Infinity Team CAB overrides have been adjusted to help pay for the New 2-Level Mentor CAB Bonus:  

Electricity & Tier 2 Solar (NY)

The following Electric & Tier 2 (NY) Coded 1st & 2nd Generation Infinity Team CAB overrides have also been adjusted to help pay for the New 2 Level Mentor CAB Bonus: 

Tier 1 Solar (ME)

The Partner Pool has also been adjusted: 

  • Electricity & Tier 2 (NY) Community Solar changed from $2 to $1 
  • Tier 1 (Maine) went from $6 to $3 

In total, the overall CAB payout for Electricity and Tier 1 (ME) Community Solar Increased from a total payout of $55 to $55.75 a $5% increase.  

And the Tier 2 (NY) Community Solar Total CAB payout Increased from a total payout of $159 to $167.25 a $5% increase. 

The reductions outlined above will be programmed and completed in the coming months. As an added bonus, until these adjustments are completed, the company is paying out an additional 28% in CAB commissions per week.  

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