On Friday, July 28th, we upgraded the compensation Energy Advisors receive for Think Community Solar customers and implemented an updated Status system to identify and communicate when Think Community Solar enrollments are not eligible or requiring more information to complete the enrollment. View Think Community Solar Compensation Upgrade announcement

As a result of these new statuses, a group of Think Community Solar customers have been moved from “Pending” status to either “Pre-Verify” or “Fail Pre-Verify” status to now reflect the most updated status of their account. Think Community Solar customers must have a status of “Pending” or “Active” to be counted toward Personal Customer and Team Customers points. For this reason, Energy Advisors with affected Think Community Solar customers would have noticed a drop in their Personal Customer and/or Team Customer counts as these new statuses were implemented.

More details about the new statuses and instructions for the necessary steps to obtain the additional information required to complete the enrollments are provided below. These steps are taken to make every effort possible to assist in the process of enrolling Think Community Solar customers.

As an Energy Advisor, you can assist in this process and support the customer as they complete the necessary steps to resolve the reason for the “Fail Pre-Verify” status.  While Think+ has already paid Customer Acquisition Bonuses on these “Pre-Verify” or “Fail Pre-Verify” customers, rest assured we will not be recuperating those previously paid commissions.


Updated Think Community Solar Statuses

Pre-Verify – We are attempting to verify these accounts with the local utility. As soon as we get a response, the accounts will be updated accordingly. 

Fail Pre-Verify – In order to verify and validate the eligibility of an account, the utility must first identify the account being enrolled with the information submitted to Think Community Solar by the customer. If there is a discrepancy between the account information provided and the information held by the utility, the utility may not be able to identify the correct account.

The Reject Text will state “Error, send in bill to: Nosolar@thinkcommunitysolar.com

Recommended Action:  

These can often be resolved by sending in a customer bill so the account information can be correctly matched to the corresponding utility account.

Please have the customer send a copy of their latest bill to: Nosolar@thinkcommunitysolar.com


Process for Fail Pre-Verify Accounts

When an account has a “Fail Pre-Verify” status, the following sequence will be initiated to inform the customer and the sponsoring Energy Advisor with instructions to complete the enrollment if possible.  

1. The customer will receive an email with details of why the account could not be enrolled

2. The EA that enrolled the customer will also receive an email

3. If it is possible to resolve the issue and complete the enrollment, instructions will be provided. For example, customer may have to complete a form and submit a copy of their bill.

4. Customer Support will also proactively reach out to the customer if a copy of a bill not received

We’re looking forward to supporting your efforts to complete the enrollments for any eligible Think Community Solar customers. Please review your Personal Customer Report to identify the Think Community Solar customers with “Fail Pre-Verify” status that could still be resolved, and their enrollments completed.  Please contact Energy Advisor Support with any questions: EASupport@thinkenergy.plus.

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