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Bat Flips & Bonuses 

Buy us some peanuts and kilowatts. Celebrate Community Solar with $100 bonuses and the chance to catch a ballgame with Think+.  

From May 13 through the end of August, EAs will earn a $100 cash bonus for each community solar customer enrolled who reaches “Pending” status in Maryland+Washington, DC; Maine+Massachusetts; and Illinois. Plus, the ten EAs with the most qualifying enrollments will be invited to a VIP viewing experience at a Major League Baseball game with other members of Think+.  

Capacity in these states is up for grabs, and we want to drive enrollments as we continue to build Think Community Solar. Here’s what you need to know:  

  • $100 per Community Solar enrollment.  
  • The ten EAs who enroll the most customers be invited to join Think+ in a suite for a Red Sox, Orioles, or Cubs game.  
  • Each qualifying enrollment will double as a raffle entry, and we‘ll select winners outside the Top 10 to join us as well.  

There are three separate contests — one for each game. Here are the game details and how you can earn your spot:

Baltimore Orioles vs. Seattle Mariners

  • When? August 22 at Camden Yards in Baltimore.
  • Who? The ten EAs with the most combined community solar enrollments in Maryland and Washington, DC, plus raffle winners. 

Boston Red Sox vs. Seattle Mariners

  • When? August 26 at Fenway Park in Boston.
  • Who? The ten EAs with most combined community solar enrollments in Maine and Massachusetts, plus raffle winers. 

Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates  

  • When? September 3 at Wrigley Field in Chicago. 
  • Who? The ten EAs with most combined community solar enrollments in Illinois, plus raffle winers. 
  • NOTE: Only LMI enrollments in Illinois’ ComEd will be eligible for bonuses; All Open and LMI enrollments in Illinois’ ComEd or Ameren utilities will go toward earning a spot at the game.

Keep an eye on the standings in the “Promotions” tab here.

Which customers qualify? 

  • Those located within the specified utilities in Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC. 
  • Customers must be Community Solar 1 (ME) or Solar 3 (MD) or Solar 0 with LMI.

What are the key dates?  

  • Enrollments must be submitted between May 13 and August 31 in order to earn bonuses. 
  • They’ll have until September 6 to reach Pending. 
  • A one-time bonus payment will be processed on September 13 via the standard weekly commission payment process. 
  •  The cut-offs to earn spots for the games occur before August 31. They are: August 14 for Baltimore, August 19 for Boston, and August 27 for Chicago. 

Some Fine Print 

  • These bonuses are in addition to any payments earned through the Compensation Plan. 
  • The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to recoup and offset any bonuses paid through this promotion on any Customer who reaches Canceled status within ninety (90) days of reaching Active status or who reaches Canceled status prior to reaching Active status against any future commission payments owed to the Energy Advisor. 
  • This promotion is not intended to reward EAs who have access to a substantial number of customers from (but not limited to) their current customer base, social media, property management business, email, or digital marketing. 
  • FEC customer(s) are not qualified for a cash bonus. 
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