It’s important to remember that community solar is an evolving market and that available capacity is fluid.   

At times, specific markets will have multiple projects and be ripe for customers; at others, we’ll have to pause referring to certain areas because there isn’t enough capacity to take on new enrollments. Pausing markets isn’t a bad thing; the reality is that we simply can’t allocate customers when there isn’t availability. Overselling doesn’t help anyone – over-promising allocations can set unrealistic expectations and alienate customers who feel stuck in limbo, waiting to be connected to a project in markets without availability. 

That’s why we’re going to use this page – specifically the linked slides – as a hub for your community solar businesses. We want your fingers to always be on the pulse of our markets; to know when and where there are opportunities and prioritize them as you drive forward.  

We’ll be sure that you always have access to the necessary information. Specifically, you’ll be best positioned for success by keeping track of these details:  

  • Utility 
  • Customer Type (Open or LMI)    
  • Billing Type (Utility Consolidated Billing, Dual Billing, Arcadia Consolidated Billing)  
  • Discount Percentage  

For information regarding our available capacity, click here.

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