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Community Solar: New Jersey Bonus Blitz Through April 30

From now (March 17) until of April 30, EAs will earn a $100 cash bonus for each community solar customer enrolled who reaches “Pending” status within the specified promotion area and dates.

This program is intended to drive Think Community Solar enrollments in these specific zip codes within New Jersey.

Which customers qualify?

  • Those located within the specified zip codes in New Jersey. (See list below.)
  • Customers must be Community Solar Tier 3 or Community Solar Tier 0 with LMI.

The Timing

  • Enrollments must be submitted between 3/17 and 4/30.
  • They’ll have until 5/7 to reach Pending.
  • A one-time bonus payment will be processed on 5/17 via the standard weekly commission payment process.

Some Fine Print

  • These bonuses are in addition to any payments earned through the Compensation Plan.
  • The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to recuperate and offset any bonuses paid through this promotion on any Customer who reaches Canceled status within ninety (90) days of reaching Active status or who reaches Canceled status prior to reaching Active status against any future commission payments owed to the Energy Advisor.
  • This promotion is not intended to reward EAs who have access to a substantial number of customers from (but not limited to) their current customer base, social media, property management business, email, or digital marketing.
  • FEC customer(s) are not qualified for a cash bonus.

The towns/zip codes:

Beachwood | 08721, 08722
Berkeley | 08006, 08721, 08731, 08734, 08740, 08741, 08751, 08752, 08757
Lacey | 08005, 08006, 08015, 08731, 08734, 08758, 08759
Manchester | 08015, 08733, 08757, 08759
Ocean Gate | 08740
Pine Beach | 08741
South Toms River | 08757
Toms River | 08732, 08735, 08751, 08753, 08754, 08755, 08756

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