Exciting news!  We’re expanding into the Connecticut electricity market.  Due to the training and certification requirements specific to Connecticut, we will be launching the market in multiple phases with an initial group of Energy Advisors to be certified and begin marketing very soon. 

If you are interested in becoming certified in Connecticut, register your interest by filling out registration form below.  The first live, virtual training session for the initial group of EAs will be held this Tuesday, May 23rd, at 7pm.  Training event details will be provided to those EAs who are selected to participate in the initial training session and there will also be an additional training session on Tuesday, May 30th.      

Once we have successfully onboarded and certified the initial group of EAs in Connecticut, we will announce additional training dates.

CT Market Launch Phase 1 Details 

This initiative offers a select group of our Energy Advisors (EAs) an incredible opportunity to gain exclusive access to this new market. We invite you to participate in this expansion, equipped with specialized training and new Connecticut-specific products.

Designed to empower and enable our EAs, this program provides unique benefits:

Specialized Training: Participating EAs will receive real-time, virtual training from our top Connecticut trainers.

New Products: Once training is completed, EAs will gain access to Connecticut-specific products available for enrollment on their individual get.thinkenergy.com pages.

Expanded Reach: Participating EAs will be part of the Think+ journey in this new territory, expanding their reach and potential for growth.


Register to Join Phase 1 

The first training session will take place on Tuesday, May 23rd, at 7pm. This first phase of the expansion program is limited to a select number of Energy Advisors.

Connecticut-based EAs will be given first preference for the program, but we encourage EAs from all regions who meet the eligibility requirements to apply. Please note that enrollment for this program is only open for the next 60 days, so don’t wait to seize this opportunity.

Ready to Join?

If you’re an active EA, have successfully completed your background check, and are certified with Think+, we invite you to apply for the Connecticut Market Pilot Program.

Let’s shape the energy future together in Connecticut!

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