We are pleased to announce a significant improvement to our background check process for new Energy Advisors and EA’s who have not previously completed the old process.

Beginning today, when new Energy Advisors enroll with Think+, they will be able to complete their background check simply by logging into their web office.   They will be able to initiate the process, through a background check widget present on the web office homepage.

This simple widget will take them through the process to complete the background check. For any Energy Advisors who have not yet completed their background check will now see this widget in their Web Office Homepage and can easily complete the process at their convenience.

This new process is a significant improvement over the previous process as it no longer requires that the new Energy Advisor respond to an email sent by our background check provider Transunion/ShareAble. The old process had multiple points which made it inefficient and at times frustrating to new Energy Advisors trying to get started.   

This new background check system represents a streamlining of the enrollment process for new Energy Advisors and we are excited to be launching this improvement.

Please note, if you have already submitted your background check application and are waiting for it to be finalized, you can resubmit it via the new widget for faster more expedited response. 

As always, please contact Energy Advisor Support at EASupport@thinkenergy.plus if you have any questions on the new and improved background check process.

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