Think ETF Buster 36: Now Available! 

Think ETF Buster 36 is a new Think Energy product available in Texas.

It brings all the benefits of Think Clean 36 but with a unique initiative allowing customers to receive a credit equivalent to their Early Termination Fee (ETF) when switching to Think Energy.

This feature makes Think ETF Buster 36 a great option for potential customers who would be hesitant to switch to Think Energy because they would be required to pay an ETF to their current supplier.

Think ETF Buster 36 is available for Texas customers as of October 11, 2023.  

Think ETF Buster 36: Key Features

  • 100% Clean Electricity 
  • 36-month term 
  • Can select a start date up to 45 days in advance
  • Default is paperless billing (with option to opt into paper statements)
  • Electronic Welcome Pack
  • Proof Requirement: Customers need to provide proof of the ETF from their previous utility and proof of their ETF payment.
  • Credit Processing: Credit will be the lower of the amount customer paid for their ETF or $200. It may take up to 2 billing cycles for the credit to be applied.

Pricing Structure

  • Energy rate + TDSP passthrough (unbundled)
  • Monthly Fee: $9.99 (pro-rated)
  • Early Termination Fee (ETF):  $400 
  • Not eligible for product change fee

Payment & Billing

  • Auto-pay only: via Credit Card & ACH
    • If autopay is canceled the ETF credit redeemed becomes due if not reactivated by next billing cycle. 
  • Paperless billing with an option to opt into paper statements

Think+ is a registered broker of electricity in Texas

●Unlike in other states, Think Energy, LLC is not a licensed Retail Electric Provider by Public Utility Commission of Texas.

●Think+ EAs can market electricity under the “Think Energy” brand that has been licensed to MI Texas REP 2, a Retail Electric Provider licensed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

●As a Think+ EA, you will receive the same credit in the Think+ compensation plan for sales made of Think Energy branded products in Texas as you do for Think Energy products in other states and districts.

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