The city of Lubbock, Texas will soon be opening their market for retail electric competition starting on January 5, 2024.

When the retail competition shopping window opens, customers of Lubbock Power & Light (LP&L) will have six weeks to shop for and choose a retail energy provider (REP).  As an Energy Advisor with Think+, you can begin enrolling LP&L electric customers through our Pre-Enrollment Phase.

To help you share this unique opportunity, we created a unique Lubbock landing page with all of the necessary details for customers to understand the transition and how they can make the most of it. Visit

We’re also launching a new Texas product: Think Shine. Think Shine provides Texas customers that have rooftop solar with a product that rewards them for generating surplus electricity for the grid. Read on for full details of the LP&L launch and our exciting new Texas product. 

LP&L Pre-Enrollment Phase Begins Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2023

During this phase, Energy Advisors can begin enrolling LP&L electric customers for Think Energy*. Customers will enroll as usual but since this is prior to the official opening, the contract they agree to won’t become binding until they receive notice from Think Energy when the shopping window begins in January.

Choosing a REP Required For All LP&L Customers

LP&L currently services approximately 108,000 electric meters. All LP&L customers must choose an electric provider and those that have not chosen by the end of the window will be assigned to one of the approved providers from the state’s official shopping website:

Default Options: Guidance for Lubbock Customers Who Don’t Select a REP

LP&L customers who haven’t selected a Retail Electric Provider (REP) by the March 2024 billing cycle, will be automatically connected with a Default Retail Electric Provider (DREP). Customers will then transition to their new providers and receive a final electric bill from LP&L.

They will be assigned a market-based, month-to-month plan, and retain the freedom to choose a preferred REP, like Think Energy, at any time, without penalty. You can help LP&L customers avoid the unpredictability of variable rates and choose Think Energy for consistent pricing, dedicated support and access to the Free Energy Club.

For more details on LP&L retail electric competition, visit here: LP&L Retail Competition

Take Advantage of this Limited-Time Opportunity

The unique dynamics of this new market provide Think+ Energy Advisors with a tremendous advantage. You can offer LP&L customers an opportunity to get started with Think Energy prior to the official opening and help them take advantage of our Free Energy Club referral program to refer their friends and neighbors. Imagine how quickly someone could earn Free Energy when their entire community is already encouraged and required to choose a new electric provider.

Plus, with our Holiday Promotion, new customers can also receive a $100 Cash Gift Card ( View Promotion Details)

Visit LP&L’s Website for additional market details. 

Introducing New Texas Product: Think Shine  

Along with our launch of LP&L, we’re also introducing a new Texas product designed specifically for customers with solar installations on their home

Think Shine provides customers with rooftop solar the ability to benefit by supplying their surplus of energy back into the grid. In 15-minute intervals, Think Energy intelligently determines whether you’re importing or exporting electricity. When you’re net importing, you’ll be charged the import rate, but here’s the exciting part—when you’re a net exporter, you’ll be credited the export rate! And if you find yourself consistently generating surplus energy, we’ve got you covered—your excess credits will be safely banked.

Additional Think Shine Details
  • Available in 36 & 60-month terms
  • The electricity import and export rates will be defined in the Electricity Facts Label
  • Pass-through of all TDSP charges to the customer
  • Given the lower electricity usage, the customer will be charged a $9.99 monthly fee.

Make the Most of our Texas Launch Tour

The Think+ Texas Launch Tour is making its way to cities across the Lone Start State. Come learn how you can become a Think+ Energy Advisor and get paid for spreading the word about the benefits of Think Energy.

 In preparation for the tour and the launch of the Lubbock, TX market, we recently hosting a Special Texas Market Call with SVP Brad Tayles featuring a preview of the Texas Launch Tour and the announcement of an exciting Holiday Promotion!

Texas Launch Tour Preview with SVP Brad Tayles + Senior Director & Founding Energy Advisor, Tony Procopio

Play Video

Event Highlights:

Business Overview Presentation: Dive deep into our pioneering business model, designed to empower you to develop a sustainable income, work on your schedule, and be your own boss as an Independent Energy Advisor.

Connect with Top Think+ Leaders: Forge meaningful connections with the industry’s top Energy Advisors who have achieved incredible success with Think+. Learn from their experiences and chart your course to success. Energy Advisors who have attained the rank of Regional Energy Advisor or higher are invited to a special dinner with our Executives and top leaders.

Invite Your Friends: We encourage you to invite your friends. This event is your chance to introduce them to the exciting prospect of becoming an Independent Energy Advisor.

Join us in Texas, and let’s chart the course to independence in energy together!


– CEO, Michael Fallquist
– SVP, Brad Tayles

Hosted by Think Big Partners:

– Senior Director, Brendan Kenny
– Senior Director, Ed Kenny
– Senior Director, Jim Kenny
– Senior Director, Tony Procopio



6:30pm – Meet & Greet with Executive Team & Top Leaders
7:00pm – Business Overview Presentation
8:30pm – Dinner with Executives & Top Leaders
    • Available for EA’s who have attained the rank of  Regional Energy Advisor or above

*Think+ is a registered broker of electricity in Texas

●Unlike in other states, Think Energy, LLC is not a licensed Retail Electric Provider by Public Utility Commission of Texas.

●Think+ EAs can market electricity under the “Think Energy” brand that has been licensed to MI Texas REP 2, a Retail Electric Provider licensed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

●As a Think+ EA, you will receive the same credit in the Think+ compensation plan for sales made of Think Energy branded products in Texas as you do for Think Energy products in other states and districts.

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