Think Energy Electricity Service Now Available in  Texas!

The launch of Think Energy in Texas is finally here! Beginning today, Tuesday, August 1st, you are now able to enroll Texas electricity customers on your personal website.

To celebrate the launch and to share all of the information you’ll need to succeed, we hosted a virtual Texas Launch Event on Monday, July 24th. Check out the launch details and event replay below to learn about our Texas electricity product, rates, and some exciting promotions designed to provide even more rewards for expanding your business in Texas. 

Texas Launch Event Replay

The Texas Retail Energy Market

Largest Deregulated Electricity Market in the United States:  85%of Texas power consumers can choose their electricity service.  Texas has electricity consumption of $24 billion per year – the highest among U.S. states and comparable to Great Britain and Spain.

Most Renewable Energy in the United States:  Texas produced almost 10% of all renewable generation in the United States in 2021 with 157 TWh of production – 35% more than the second largest state, more than every ISO-New England state and more than New York and Pennsylvania combined.

Fully Competitive Marketplace:  Unlike other deregulated energy markets, the utilities do not compete with Retail Electric Providers.   

Framework for Product Innovation:  The Retail Electric Providers are responsible for billing the customer.  This allows for product innovation and differentiated customer value propositions. 

Think+ is a registered broker of electricity in Texas

●Unlike in other states, Think Energy, LLC is not a licensed Retail Electric Provider by Public Utility Commission of Texas.

●Think+ EAs can market electricity under the “Think Energy” brand that has been licensed to MI Texas REP 2, a Retail Electric Provider licensed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

●As a Think+ EA, you will receive the same credit in the Think+ compensation plan for sales made of Think Energy branded products in Texas as you do for Think Energy products in other states and districts.

Product Overview: Think Clean 36

To help you share Think Energy in Texas, we’ve created a Texas Launch Flyer highlighting the benefits of Think Energy and providing our rates as compared to the current average in Texas. In addition, we’ve also updated our Think+ Business Overview Presentation to include Texas and the unique benefits of our Texas electricity product.  

  • Fully Renewable: 100% clean electricity sourced from wind, solar and hydro resources. 
  • Flexible Start Date: Select a start date up to 45 days in advance.
  • Pricing: The pricing structure includes an energy rate and a TDSP pass-through. See the Texas Launch Event Recap video for a preview of the competitive rates available in Texas. 

Key Features

  • Rate Buydown:  Switch to our best available rate for a one-time fee of $29.99
  • Billing: Auto-pay only via Credit Card or ACH.
  • Credit Check: A soft credit pull using the last four digits of the customer’s SSN, with a threshold that approves 85% of customers.
  • Deposit: For customers falling below the threshold, a minimum deposit of $200 is required, payable only via Credit Card.

Understanding the Texas Energy Switching Experience

  • Seamless Switching: We manage the entire switching process. 
  • Transparent Communication: We keep customers informed throughout their transition.
  • No Interruptions: Customers experience no disruptions to their service during the switch.  
  • Billing: Upon switching, billing automatically transitions to Think Energy.
  • After-Switch Support: Our dedicated customer experience team is always ready to assist customers.

Competitive Advantages

Rate Buydown
  • Price certainty for 3 years combined with the freedom to switch to our best available rate for a one-time fee of $29.99.
Free Energy Club 
  • Free Energy Club Referral program offering 10% – 100% rebates on Think Energy charges  for referring other customers
    • 10% for 3 qualified customers, 40% for 10 qualified customers or 100% for 20 qualified customers
  • Available to all customers with active autopay in Texas.
Proprietary Technology: Proton (Coming Soon)
  • Additional customer value through innovative customer app providing real-time updates on energy prices, enabling customers to earn cash back by shifting energy use from Peak to Off-Peak times. 
Rainforest Protection with One Tribe

Texas Promotions

To provide an even more rewarding experience for Energy Advisors choosing to build their business in Texas, we’ve announced two powerful Texas promotions:

Promotion 1 –  Texas Qualification for 2024 Leadership Summit

Qualify for the 2024 Leadership Summit: Kauai, Hawaii:

  • Achieve and/or maintain rank of Director throughout 2023, with a minimum of 400 Texas Team Customers*
  • Open to all current and new Energy Advisors

*Subject to the 40% leg rule (See Compensation Plan for details) 

Promotion 2: TX Electricity Band Points Increase  

From the launch of Texas through October 31, 2023, we are counting Texas customers as 1 – 3 customer points depending on their band as determined by their kWh usage (See Think+ Compensation Plan for usage band details).

This will help accelerate EA’s building in Texas to advance through the Think+ plan more quickly as customer points determine rank advancements and the corresponding rank advancement bonuses. These customer points will be permanently assigned as long as that customer stays on service, however these higher point values will no longer be available for new TX customers after October 31, 2023. 

■Band 1 Customers  = 1 Point*

■Band 2 Customers = 2 Points 

■Band 3 Customers = 3 Points

○Customer point value is permanent as long as the customer stays on the service.

○This will expedite Rank Promotions and Rank Advancement Bonuses 

○Applicable to TX customers enrolled by October 31, 2023

*Note: All TX customers initially show as 1 Point until we receive historical usage from utility (Typically within 1-2 business days)

Let’s Shape the Future of Energy in Texas

We couldn’t be more excited to bring Think Energy electricity service into Texas. Stay tuned for more announcements and updates on our progress in the coming weeks so you can make the most of this expansion of the Think+ opportunity.  

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