We’re launching a pilot product called Think Basic. Think Basic is our low-price offer, created in response to price shoppers. This is a complementary product — we want to arm you with the tools needed to approach all customers, and don’t want you to lose those who are solely focused on rates.  

Given that Think Basic is our low-price offer, we cannot offer full commission on customers who enroll in it. Here’s what you need to know:  

How will I be commissioned for enrolling Think Basic customers? 
A customer enrolled on a Think Basic product will: 

  • Count as a Personal Customer and/or Team Customer for Rank Advancement. 
  • Pay a Customer Acquisition Bonus and Team Customer Acquisition Bonuses (including the 2-Level Mentor Bonus, Rank Infinity Bonus, Coded Infinity Bonus and Partner Pool Bonus). 
  • Not pay Residuals Commissions or Team Residual Commissions (including Level Commissions, Rank Infinity Commissions, Coded Infinity Commissions and Partner Pool Commissions). 

Given the Think Basic product does not pay full commissions, it will be the last offer displayed when a customer enters a zip code on your replicated homesite to view our available offers.  

 What if a customer who transitions on to (or off of) Think Basic? Does that affect my commissions?  

Yes, customers switching on to (or off of) Think Basic will impact your commissions.     

 If a customer switches from Think Basic to another Think Energy electricity plan, you and your team will be eligible for Residual Commissions and Team Residual Commissions on that customer.  

The opposite is also true: If a customer switches to Think Basic from another Think Energy electricity plan, you and your team will no longer be eligible for Residual Commissions and Team Residual Commissions on that customer.   

For more on Think Basic, you can read the full product FAQs here.

Last Updated: Monday, January 8th. 

We’ve made a variety of significant upgrades to the Think+ Compensation Plan in the past several months. The benefits of these upgrades are already making a big difference in how rewarding Think+ can be for Energy Advisors!

The process of fully implementing of these upgrades into our compensation engine is on-going. Below is a summary of the recent compensation upgrades with the current status and upgrade target details for implementation.

Due to complexity of the changes, the vendor who supports the implementation has run into delays which means we will not be able to support the timeline of paying the revisions by this Friday, December 22.   Along with the holiday schedules, we do not feel it is appropriate to provide another projected date until we have more certainty in the completion of the changesPlease note we are working diligently with the vendor to finalize these changes as quickly as possible.   

Last Updated: Monday, December 18th. 


Upgrade: Added Commercial Bands 4 – 7
    • Current Status: The new Commercial lead submission process available in your Web Office was made available on December 7th. 
    • Upgrade Target: New CAB Qualified Commercial Customers enrolled through the new process will generate CABs according to the updated Think+ Compensation Plan. 
Upgrade: Added 2-Level Mentor Bonus
    • Current Status: 
      • To support the addition of the 2-Level Mentor Bonus, the Infinity & Coded Payments were reduced. The programming on these reductions is in process. 
      • Currently paying both new Mentor Bonuses manually and systematically paying the original higher payout amounts for Infinity & Coded Commissions.
    • Upgrade Target:  Both will be systematically triggered and paid per the new Compensation Plan is now within the upcoming weeks. 

Community Solar

Upgrade: Double (ME) & Triple (NY) CABs – Announced September 2023
    • Current Status: 
      • Payouts have been based on the previous Compensation Plan, which have not included FEC Customers 
      • Reconciliation will be at the time of Activation & Residually Qualified, inclusive of true up for FEC customers.
    • Upgrade Target: Within the upcoming weeks.
      • Accounts enrolled on or after the launch date will be paid per the new Compensation Plan 
      • Includes CAB payouts for Free Energy Customers, per newly published Compensation Plan 
      • Inclusive of paying NY CABs for Solar 0 (Usage between 1,000 – 3,600 kWh / year) when the customers are enrolled as a Low-Moderate Income (LMI) customer. These commissions are scheduled to be paid within the upcoming weeks.  Please note, Maine does not offer a LMI program, consequently ME Solar 0 Customers will not pay CABs.
Upgrade: Community Solar in New Jersey
  • Current Status: Although enrollments started in mid to late November, we appreciate your patience in that the CABs have not paid yet.
  • Upgrade Target: 
    • Targeting within the upcoming weeks.  
    • Includes paying CABs for Solar 0 (1000 to 3600 annual kWh) when the customers are enrolled as a Low-Moderate Income (LMI) customer and FEC Customers.


Upgrade: Community Solar in Maryland
    • Current Status: We have plans of launching Community Solar in Maryland soon and when we launch enrollments, CAB payments will be ready to trigger as the customers become CAB Qualified.  
    • Upgrade Target: Maryland Community Solar Launch planned for January 2024
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