The Summer of 2023 has been full of upgrades and enhancements to your Think+ business as we’re always looking for ways to improve. We have more updates to share today as several exciting improvements to your Web Office are now LIVE!

Advisor Downline Report (ADR) Upgrades

New Advisor Communications Feature

This enables you to communicate with any Energy Advisor in your organization.

How it works:

    • Go to Advisor Downline Report in the Reporting section of your Web Office and click “Run” to generate the report.
    • Select which EA’s you’d like to contact in the first column titled “All” on the left of the report.
    • Once you’ve selected the recipients, choose whether you would like to send your message as a chat or an email:
        • Team Chat: Generates chat message within the web office
            • These messages generate notifications for EA’s that are currently logged into the Web Office, but EA’s can also select to receive these messages to their email if they are not logged in when it is sent.
            • This Team Chat Email option can be selected in the “Offline Team Chat” section of the “Settings – Communication” page.
        • Email Team: Generates an email to the selected EA(s)
Addition of “CT Energy Certified” Field and Filter Feature

This enables you to see who on your team has completed or not completed the CT Certification that is required to enroll or earn commissions on CT customers.

Personal Customer Report (PCR) Upgrades

Addition of the “Email Address” field and “Service Address” field to help identify and differentiate accounts with the same customer name
    • Free Energy Club (FEC) Customer “Service Address” or “Email Address” will not be provided to maintain the privacy of customers you have not directly referred.
Update to “Res Qualified” field to provide the qualification date.
      • This field shows whether a customer is currently Residual Qualified and eligible to generate residual commissions. It has now been updated to also provide the date that customer became qualified. This makes it easier to see when a particular customer started generating residual commissions. Remember a customer must be Residually Qualified on the 1st of each month to pay residuals in that given month.

As always, please contact Energy Advisor Support at if you have any questions on the new and improved background check process.

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