At Think+, we want to be sure you get credit for all customers you refer to Think Energy, so we have made a few improvements to the Customer Claim process.   

Occasionally, people that have heard about Think Energy from an Energy Advisor may forget to use the personal website that was shared with them and instead enroll on our corporate website. For instances where a customer enrolls through the main website, we have a Customer Claim Process available in your Web Office which allows you to review a list of corporate Think Energy customers, identify if any were referred by you, and provide simple confirmation so that our team can transfer the customer to your account. 

We recently made some upgrades to the Customer Claim Process to make it easier for you to identify customers you may have referred and claim them to receive the credit you deserve.  The report now has the service city for each customer, further assisting you in identifying your customer(s).  When you submit the claim form, we ask that you to identify the service address of the customer instead of the city.  This helps us ensure you know that customer. 

Because a higher proportion of these customers are from our two newest markets (Connecticut and Texas), we also have some specific reminders we encourage you to review if you’re active in those markets.

Upgrades to Customer Claim Process

The step-by-step process to submit customer claims is detailed below with the recent upgrades highlighted in green. As you can see, we’ve added the “Service City” to the Customer Claim Report, and now require that the “Service Address” be provided in the Customer Claim Form. Providing the additional information is intended make it easier for you to identify customers you may have referred and claim them to receive the credit you deserve.

In order to check if you have outstanding customers and claim them, complete the following simple steps:

    • Login to your Web Office, click Tools, Documents & Media and select Customer Claim Process
    • Review the Customer Claim Report to identify any customers you believe you have personally referred to Think Energy. The report provides the Customer ID#, Last Name, and their “Service City” and State.
    • Check the list carefully to see if you recognize any of the names and locations as matching someone who was intending to enroll as one of your customers.  
    • Once you have identified a customer you have referred, make note of their information and head on to the Customer Claim Form, also located on the Tools, Customer Claim Process page. 
    • When completing the Customer Claim Form provide the Customer ID# from the Customer Claim Report along with the First Name, City in which their account is located, as well as the Service Address, and click the [Submit] button. Because this is information only someone who knows the customer would be able to know or access, this is our way of confirming that you deserve credit for that customer enrolling with Think Energy. 
    • An Energy Advisor Support team member will receive your submission and confirm the additional information you provided. Once it is verified, they will transfer the customer to your account. Please allow up to 5 business days for a Customer Claim to be processed and for you to receive a response from the EA Support team.
    • If the information doesn’t quite match the information on file, we might ask for additional information and/or even contact the customer to confirm the transfer.

This process is available to make it easy for you to claim any customers that mistakenly didn’t enroll on your personal website so you receive the credit and compensation you deserve. One of the ways we’re always looking out for the best interests of the Energy Advisors in the Think+ community.


Higher Proportion of House Accounts Are From New Markets: Connecticut & Texas

We have observed that there is a higher proportion of customers enrolling directly with Think Energy in our two newest markets, Connecticut and Texas. This may be due to new Energy Advisors sharing their websites prior to completing the necessary training required to activate their ability to enroll customers. It’s possible that these potential customers who find they cannot complete the enrollment on the website shared with them – because the required training has not been completed – may be going to and enrolling directly.

It is important to remember that Energy Advisors are not able to enroll any customers prior to completing the Energy Advisor Certification Training. Additionally, completing a Connecticut Certification Training is required for Energy Advisors to do any of the following:

  • Enroll Customers in Connecticut,
  • Claim any house customers in Connecticut, or
  • Earn any commissions on Connecticut customers.

Sharing your websites or any information about Think Energy prior to completing these steps is not only strictly prohibited but can also result in those customers enrolling directly with Think Energy. *

It is so important to remind any new Energy Advisor you enroll that they must complete their Energy Advisor Certification Training and Connecticut Certification Training prior to sharing Think Energy with their networks. Ensuring the complete the certification not only protects Think Energy and the Think+ opportunity, it also ensures that the Energy Advisors’ websites will be enabled to receive enrollments and reduce the likelihood of those customers signing up with Think Energy directly.

As always, please contact Energy Advisor Support at if you have any questions on the new and improved background check process.

*Note: Due to the regulations in Connecticut, an Energy Advisor must have completed their Connecticut Certification Training prior to the enrollment date of a Connecticut customer to ever receive commissions on that customer. Therefore, any Energy Advisor that mistakenly refers Connecticut customers to Think Energy prior to completing their Connecticut Certification Training will not be able to claim those customers through the Customer Claim Process and will not be eligible to receive commissions on those customers.

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