Think Clean 12: Now Available! 

Think Clean 12 brings all the benefits of Think Clean 36 but with a shorter 12-month term. The shorter term makes Think Clean 12 a more flexible option for customers.  In Texas, Think Clean 12 also provides additional benefits detailed below.  

Think Clean 12 will be available in all electricity markets (excluding New York) for Think Energy customers starting September 1, 2023.  

The Rate Comparison Guide has now been updated to include Think Clean 12 rates in every electricity market Think Energy serves.  

Think Clean 12: Key Features

  • 100% Clean Electricity 
  • 12-month term 
  • Rate Buydown: Switch to our best available rate for a fee of $29.99.  

Think Clean 12 – Additional Texas Features

  • Statements: Email or Paper  (Optional)
  • Billing: Autopay (Optional)
      • Autopay via Credit Card or ACH
      • Requirement to be eligible for Free Energy Club
  • Monthly Pay using bill pay method
      • One time pay in My Account Portal (Visa/MC)
      • ACH through IVR automated payment line and auto-draft
      • Mailing a check to the lockbox
      • Visa/MC over the phone with Customer Care agent.
  • Credit Check: A soft credit pull using the last four digits of the customer’s SSN, with a threshold that approves 85% of customers.
  • Deposit: For customers falling below the threshold, a minimum deposit of $200 is required, payable only via Credit Card.

In conclusion, we are excited to unveil this new offering for our customers. With a 12-month term, and additional features in Texas, Think Clean 12 empowers customers to tailor their energy experience according to their preferences. 

Think+ is a registered broker of electricity in Texas

●Unlike in other states, Think Energy, LLC is not a licensed Retail Electric Provider by Public Utility Commission of Texas.

●Think+ EAs can market electricity under the “Think Energy” brand that has been licensed to MI Texas REP 2, a Retail Electric Provider licensed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

●As a Think+ EA, you will receive the same credit in the Think+ compensation plan for sales made of Think Energy branded products in Texas as you do for Think Energy products in other states and districts.

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