Navigating Your Think Community Solar Billing Experience  

With the recent allocation of Think Community Solar customers in Maine, they are now starting to see their Think Community Solar service reflected in their utility bills. The following message has been sent to all Think Community Solar customers in Maine to provide an overview of the billing experience. 

Message to Maine Think Community Solar Customers

Thank you for being a valued member of Think Community Solar! We trust that you’re enjoying the benefits of clean, sustainable energy.  

We’re reaching out to offer valuable insights into how our billing process works. Our goal is to provide you with clarity and transparency in your billing statements, ensuring a seamless experience. 

Let’s go over a few key things: 

How to read your Think Community Solar Credits Invoice:  

The credits you get from us help you pay less for both Delivery and Supply. When we issue your invoice, we calculate the avoided costs for both the Delivery and Supply charges and bill you 90% of that calculated cost. An example bill is shown below: 

The “Solar Credits Used” line on this bill was calculated from the avoided Delivery and Supply charges on your utility bill as follows: 

Your utility will still invoice for non-bypassable Delivery Charges:  

Your utility bill, issued by Central Maine Power (CMP), will still include some mandatory, non-bypassable delivery fees. Typically, these fees, which depend on your rate class, range from $10 to $40 and are itemized as “CMP Delivery” on the first page of your CMP utility bill and as “Service Charge” on the second page. In the sample we’ve provided below, the non-bypassable charges total $30.91. 

We only bill you for the solar credits you actually use:  

At Think Community Solar, transparency is at the core of our values! When you receive your bill from us, you’ll notice a line item titled ‘Solar Credit Usage.’ We believe in billing you only for the solar credits you’ve actually utilized. 

If you happen to have surplus credits that you haven’t used, we’ll securely track them as “Banked credits.” These can be used in the future to help you save even more money. 

You can cross-reference this by looking at the “Your Generation Details (kWh)” section on your CMP utility bill with the “Solar Credits Used” section on your bill from us. When doing this, please remember to compare the data for the same billing period on both bills for a comprehensive review. 

Where to call if you have more questions: 

We recognize the importance of clear and transparent billing. Should you have any questions or need additional assistance understanding your billing statements, our devoted customer support team is readily available to assist you.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us at or by phone at 1.888.923.3633, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm EST. 

We appreciate your choosing Think Community Solar as your sustainable energy partner and thank you for helping us work toward a more sustainable future. Our commitment to delivering clean, renewable energy solutions and transparent billing practices remains unwavering. 


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