The Think+ Compensation Plan provides a full overview of exactly what you can earn as an Energy Advisor. Since it is an extensive document with so many details, we have some new compensation guides to summarize key aspects of the plan. 

Compensation Guide: 8 Ways of Getting Paid 

This 1 page document gives a general overview of each type of commission paid through Think+ and can be a great tool for giving a quick overview of the earning potential of Think+.  


Compensation Guide: Road to Residuals 

This document gives an overview of the steps and timing in the process of energy accounts becoming “Active” with Think Energy electricity service and beginning to generate residual commissions. 

Monthly residual commissions are the key to achieving sustainable income with Think+, they are commissions paid to you every month for as long as your customers stay with Think Energy.  They are generated each time a Residually Qualified Think Energy customer pays their utility bill. It can take 1-2 months after customers enroll with Think Energy for them to be active, and then 1 more month to complete their first billing cycle and pay their bills. 

The first monthly residual commissions will begin this month. Review the guide for more information about the process of customers becoming Residually Qualified and generating residual commissions.  

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