Think Community Solar is already a tremendous success and we’re only just getting started!

To celebrate, Think Energy CEO, Michael Fallquist joined last night’s Business Overview event to announce several big enhancements to the compensation for Think Community Solar customers. 

You can view the recording below and read on for the full details of these latest upgrades to your Think+ business including some powerful upcoming events.   

Think Community Solar Compensation Enhancements   

When a Think Community Solar customer signs up, they will first have a status of “Pending” until the time they are actually enrolled with a local solar farm and become “Active”. Previously the Customer Acquisition Bonus for these customers was paid only when they became “Active” which could be many months after their original enrollment.  

Effective immediately, the Personal Income Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB) for Think Community Solar customers will now be paid to the Energy Advisor who enrolled the customer when that customer reaches “Pending” status (typically within 5 days of enrollment). Upline Team Customer Acquisition Bonuses, including the Infinity Bonus, Coded Bonus and Partner Bonus, will be paid when customers reach “Active” status 

With this new improvement, Energy Advisors will receive payments on Think Community Solar customers as quickly as possible, regardless of whether those customers have been allocated to a community solar project. The upcoming April 28th payment cycle will be the first to include these changes and we are looking forward to paying CAB’s on over 1,000 Think Community Solar customers! 

Think Community Solar Customers Now Count for Earning Free Energy 

In addition to faster payments of commissions, Think Community Solar customers referred through the Free Energy Club will now count towards earning Free Energy rebates for electric customers. 

Commissions on Think Community Solar customers referred through the Free Energy Club will be paid in the same way as electricity customers. They will not generate any upfront CAB’s and will be paid at 25% of the residual commissions as specified in the Think+ Compensation Plan. Complete details about Think Community Solar customer qualifications can be found in the Free Energy Club Terms & Conditions

This is a big improvement that will make even easier for customers to earn Free Energy on your electricity account.  

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